March 1, 2012

Ammu Eating My Head

Went to Wal-mart last night with my sweet little devil. She kept asking me questions, “Mama, what’s this? Mama, what’s that? I want this, I no want that..” etc kind of talk.
After a while, I was so tired of answering her, I said, “Ammu, please don’t eat my head”.
Look what she says: “Amma, I eat your head?
I say: Yes, you eat my head
Ammu: No, I no eat your head
Me: Ya, you eat my head
Ammu: Amma, How I eat your head?
Me: I signaled with my fingers to shut her mouth
Ammu: I keep quiet?? No, I no keep quiet
             You keep quiet!!! Amma bad girl!!


  1. So very cutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy my hugs to them both :D

  2. Thank u so much Ramya...both are in India right now..each day, my mom keeps telling me what new stuff she speaks ...sure, I will..:)