March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Rob!!

 March 16, 2012
                After a couple of appraisals from new visitors to my blog apart from my friends, could not hold my anxiety further. I wanted to post this on the 16th itself but did not as I always wanted to show off my butterfly first :-)
As I mentioned in my first post about Stained Glass that there are few souls who drove me so far. Along with them, there is another person who had been encouraging me and asking me about how each of my class went. I promised myself, if everything goes fine, then I am going to make something for his birthday for sure.
            And here comes a small token for everything you are. Happy Birthday Rob!!

A candle holder is what I had in mind when I made this. When I gave it to Robert, he said he has been misplacing his tuner & metronome and was looking for a place to put them in. Well, purpose solved.

Looks cute? Isn’t it? For me it is..of course I made it!! The 2nd project I am working on right now is one tough pattern that I chose. Someone desperately wanted to take a break after working on cutting curvy leaves and flowers for almost 10 months now. And that’s me. So, cutting the straight lines was like a cake walk. However, it’s not all straight lines.

Guess how I came up with this pattern? In my my dreams..rather in a dreamy sleepy state early in the morning around 3.00 A.M. Weird huh? I know, I get all crazy thoughts at that hour of the day..:P

I asked my instructor to show me how to join the pieces so that I can resume the rest of the work at home. Unfortunately, I had to rush home to relieve my poor hubby from the 2 monsters…:-)

I Come home, do my chores and here I sit with this blue beauty. I successfully joined the 3 sides and now comes the 4th side. When I tried to fit it in, guess what? There’s a big gap on one side corner of the holder. What do I do now? 
I can’t go back to the class as they are closed. Can’t push it till next weekend as Rob’s Bday is this week. I remove the foil, foil it again, solder it back after twisting and turning it in all the directions and burning my hands...:)I  fill it with lead solder…there is no other go..that’s why one of the sides is too wide and too baad...Sorry Robert, wanted to make it just perfect for you, but couldn't..I know you'll still love it as it has all my efforts and passion moulded in it....:) I requested Robert to send me a picture with stuff in, here it is!!


  1. such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!

  2. Hi, came to see what you have here. Loved the layout. what caught my eye were the list of books. I have not heard of anyone else besides me in my friends' circle who liked Angela's Ashes. That was such a lovely book, though too raw and powerful, wasn't it? Other books My Story, Alchemist, Kite Runner, To kill....Hmmmm

  3. @zephyr...thank u..:) yes, Angela's Ashes was one sad, sorrowful yet witty book....I liked so mad on their dad..:) god blessed me to read all those in 2011. I have few of those books as a PDF or books...let me know if you want to read any of those..thx for stopping by...:)

  4. hii.. Nice Post Great job. Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regarding.

    More Entertainment

  5. @ More Entertainment...thank you..:)

  6. Its really annoying when you get stuck for apparently small reasons. It was great that you were able to fix it up regardless of the odds. That was nicely written.

  7. @umashankar ji, thanks for the compliment and for stopping by here...:)

  8. some times.. perfection doesn't matter. love & effort matters right??
    good work :)
    expecting perfect one for my b'day :)))) [JK]

    lucky Rob.. belated b'day wishes...

  9. Pretty interesting. Your blue beauty looks pretty even if it does not fit.

  10. that is so sweet. Not perfect in technique, but perfect in love:)

    1. Thank you for all those lovely soon as I woke up, I saw 6 comments to be made my day...:)