May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is for all my dear moms of the world....

Mom, if you wake up late,
Our schedules break;

If you do not cook,
we still eat
In the college canteen or the nearest bakery
Not bother to ask,
have you eaten yet?

You know our needs,
In and Out
Day and Night,

You give your
secret rolls of notes
Hidden in your spices box
or under the mattress...
Press them into our hurried eager palms,

You okay all our wish lists,
Adjust the budget
to see the glint in our eyes
with each new gadget
Oh you get a return gift too...
A picture from the classy phone

You listen to our vows
Right from the guy eve teasing
To my children's teachers' complaints,

Mom, counting the things you do for us,
is like counting the stars in a sky

If you get sick,
The clocks at home do not tick

Yet you are and have been there
At every hour of need

We need you
as long as we live...
So, be happy and healthy Mom

I take my pledge,
Mom, to be with you
when you need me the MOST.

Let us wish every mom a very Happy Mother's Day!!And take a pledge to be with your mom when she needs you the MOST.
                        Though I have written this for last year's mother's day, felt like posting it again. Mother's Day! I know it's a western tradition we have ado(a)pted to. In a way, I think it's a good tradition to celebrate these days. Atleast the Mother's day to honour our mom.
           Someone said, there cannot be bad moms in the society. I am not sure how far it's true. From my experience what I have learnt is, a mother plays a phenomenal role in the transformation of a person into a good/bad human being. Whatever is the family system, however are the traditions, cultures, values, mother is the epitome of a person's character.
          While growing up, we never pay heed to what our moms yell each day. Every tiny detail of a mom's character plays a huge impact on the kids. Mom is a human being too. No mom is perfect. Everyone has their own share of positive/negative shades. What you display the most is what your kid turns into.
                  Having said all this, once again, I thank god for giving me the most wonderful mom in the world!! And I know, each of you feels the same about his/her mom. Thank you for being there in every hour of need in every stage of my life.
         I recollect one small experience here. We normally bargain while shopping. Especially with fruit,flower,vegetable vendors or any other street hawkers. Mom would always tell me, "their lives are so small, how much would they make? how much do they have to sell to make a decent profit? Don't bargain with them." How true! We pay thousands of rupees for the cloth and gold merchants for the A.C showrooms and all their overheads. How difficult is it for these people to make a living by sitting or walking in the streets in the scorching heat the entire day?
                   That's why I love you mom. For what you are and for what you have made of me. Happy Mother's Day Amma!!

P.S: I will be there shortly with all the updates and chitchats from my India trip!!


  1. Such a sweet heartfelt post. Moms are so special, cherish them.

  2. Very true about Mom. Nice poem about Mom every word is so true.

  3. Most of the times we realize it only after we grow up and step into the shoes of our parents. All those sacrifices and dedications are priceless gifts even God may not be able to heap upon us.

    1. True..we ignore them all our lives. By the time we know, we wouldn't have time to pay it back.