May 17, 2012

Travel with a Chipmunk!!!

India Trip - Episode 1

After almost years of waiting, months of shopping, weeks of planning, days of cooking & freezing, hours of packing and cleaning, the D day has finally come. As the airport is 120 miles away from home, we started pretty early as a precaution. The checkin went smoothly, couple of friends accompanied us for send off.
                   My husband and son left after a while as it was a midnight flight. People started boarding in. We both went and sat in our respective seats. I was more than delighted to sit in an aisle seat. Even before the happiness sank into me, there comes this chipmunk. "Yexuse me, this is my seat. Yours is tha middul and winno". disappointed and irritated me paints an idiotic smile on my stupid face, moves to the respective seats cursing my badluck.
                   The chipmunk establishes her majesty in the aisle seat. The miserable mom & child duo look at each other, trying to compromise for the misfortune. As my princess slept on the way to SFO, she was all recharged and full of energy. She was in no mood to sleep. As exuberant as she normally is, she kept talking. The chipmunk felt asleep pretty soon. I was starving for the food and gobbled it all at once.
At home, being busy parents, we don't give much chance to our little one to spend time eating. We feed her to get our work done faster. Now that she was given a separate tray, her jubilancy knew no bounds. Being the queen of attitude, She didn't want me to touch or feed her. She wanted to eat and try everything that is on her tray. Queen Victoria or Elizabeth must have entered her body and brains at that moment.
After the feast, our madam was nudging in her seat trying to sleep. Though I kept a pillow beside the chipmunk, so that my daughter wouldn't touch her, or feel her kicks, she is a chipmunk right? How can she not feel it? She wakes up and voices her opinion free of cost. "May be you shud switch your seats". (She wanted me to move in the middle and send Queen Elizabeth to the window). All I wanted to do was, twitch her neck.
We made the moves and tried to sleep. Chipmunk was snoring deeply. She would never get up from her seat. In my entire life, I think this was the only trip where I didn't speak a word with my fellow passenger.
Hours were passing. We need to attend to nature calls and how do we disturb the chipmunk? If I recollect exactly, we got up only twice in the entire journey of 14.15 hours. Once, when the chipmunk got up by herself, the other time was, when she was awake and I wanted to change my baby's diaper.
When the chipmunk got up by herself, me and my partner got the freedom of the world. We stretched our bodies; my butterfly opened her wings and jumped into the seats. After a couple of minutes, I told her, "baby, the devil is gonna come. move here fast". And guess what? As soon as the chipmunk arrived in her seat, my daughter utters:" Mama, the devil comes". Thank god!!! It was in my mother tongue though...ROFL.
Having eaten leftovers like rajma, chole, peas for the past three days before my travel and continuing the same fiesta for the rest of the journey, and not attending nature calls in time; my stomach's rumblings started to send scud missiles. In ordinary circumstances, I would have felt so embarrassed. Somehow this time, I wanted to cause more and more discomfort to the chipmunk and disturb her sleep. Isn't that so rude of me?
                  At home, I would tell our chatterbox to shut her mouth atleast for a few minutes. However, I was having fun talking to her in the plane at the cost of the chipmunk's inconvenience. Somehow, I was a bit scared too if she's gonna get mad at us both and give that nasty look of hers. Except for 45min or an hour, my daughter wasn't that bad afterall.
                     Finally, the flight lands in HongKong and surprisingly I don't remember, if the chipmunk got off the plane or came all the way till Singapore. She wouldn't come to India for sure.
Btw, I dont know why I named her as chipmunk. I wanted to write many more things in the flight itself about the journey.Unfortunately, didn't carry my ipad or laptop with me. With time, my thoughts also faded away slowly. Had I written then itself, I bet it must have been one hilarious post which turned into a boring one now. So, bear with me my friends.


  1. I still found it funny. Your daughter is cute :).

  2. @ Rachna..hehe..thanks Rachna..yes, she is adorable..:)

  3. It is hilarious even without your iPad or laptop.
    You were relatively better than me in the window seat and the middle seat had a man too stout for the seat and once he pressed himself into it,he could not get up without help from strong crew and his big arms encroached on my legitimate space.The 10 hours from Chennai to Frankfurt was a real hell with me confined to the seat with full bladder.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog

    1. KParthasarathi..Thank you sir for stopping by and sending your valuable message. Looks like you had your share of fun too...:)

  4. 'Mama, the devil comes!' Wish it were said in English! Yes, I was nodding and smiling through the post when I burst out laughing and my daughters rushed in to see what I was doing! :-D

    1. Wow....I could make someone made my day. You are one of those inspirational spirits for me to not lose interest and to keep writing the ramblings of my mind...:)