July 13, 2012

7 Layered Bean Dip

Courtesy: Nandini aunty.
Before beginning to cook, let me tell you the tale behind the bean dip. After our daughter was born, mom, kids and me went to visit my sis in Chicago. Our aunt's friend Nandini who also lived in the same city took the pain of touring us around the city. We packed some food along with us and had the pleasure of tasting aunty's delicious bean dip. This happened three years back. From then, I wanted to learn how to make it and somehow it just didn't happen. Finally, I asked her to send me the recipe as I have friends visiting us this weekend and decided to make it. So, this is the maiden attempt.


32 ounces Refried beans
1 pouch Taco seasoning mix
2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted
2 tablespoons lemon juice
16 ounces Picante Sauce (Pace brand)1 1/2 cups sour cream
3 cups lettuce, shredded
6 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded
Black olives, sliced

Cumin Powder, Salt, Chili powder to tasteTortilla chips

I believe there is no recipe called my own invention. It must have been already created and cooked in some part of the world by some wonderful person. What I share here is something, I either copied or borrowed from someone I knew or made few modifications with my own imagination and creativity. Oh! btw, I am a big repairer/mendor/alterator at cooking..:P

Step 1: In a pan, heat 1 spoon of oil. Empty the tin of Refined beans into it and let it cook for 10minutes.
Add some cumin (Jeera) powder, salt and chili powder. While it's cooking, mash the beans in the pan itself and let it cool down.

Layer 1
Step 2: In a serving platter spread the above refried beans paste. 
I was not sure if the dishes I had would fit for the entire quantity, so I used this disposable silver tray. It doesn't look so attractive, but never mind...taste matters..:)
Okay, the picture is tilted because my right hand was not clean to touch the camera and I had to fidget with my left hand.

Layer 2
Step 3: Blend avocados, lemon juice and 1/2 cup taco mix until smooth and spread above the bean layer.
Now, I remembered our photography guru Uma Shankar's tip and tried to take the picture in daylight, rather natural light..:P

Layer 3
Step 4: Spread 1 1/2 cups of Sour Cream on top of the Avocado layer. From now on, the steps are somewhat simple. 
Sunset time..light changes direction..I had no other option other than take my pics from the top. :(.. See,what reasons I give to make my pics feel (not look) better. :)

                                                                       Layer 4
Step 5: Top with 3 cups of shredded lettuce.

Layer 5
Step 6: Top with Shredded Cheddar cheese.

Layer 6
Step 7: Top with Picante Sauce

Layer 7

Umm..I tried making the design of a beautiful face but the olives were too many to adjust..I ended up sprinkling them all over...:) Now, put the platter in the refrigerator for an hour before serving. And mine is going to be inside for next 20 hours. 

P.S:  And the taste results are going to come tomorrow. Until then, I couldn't wait to click the publish button. Deb, I think I have the same addiction like you..:) Ok guys, I should be snoring by now.


  1. Great pictures.Take comfort in the thought that there is nothing original in this world.Someone would have thought of already or made earlier unknown to us may be with minor variations.But as you said you are a greater mender,repairer or fixer or adjuster!!

  2. It does look very yummy, FiF!..am sure it tasted as yummy as it looks :-)

  3. I want to have a nandini aunty tooo :)

    yummmy recipee will try it sometime :)

    Open letter to all - Bikram's

    1. Hehe...She has a lot of snack recipes..will steal and post them here one by one..:)

    2. ok shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) dont tell anyone though.. he heh e

  4. hehehe, this must be fun. cook with the right hand and simultaneously click photos with the left :D. but the recipe is too complicated for me to try. dish looks supercool. so, this is a foodblog, eh?

    1. Oh it wasn't that fun Deb. I didn't want the pics to look bad..:)hmm..it's not so complicated..all you need is the right ingredients..I don't know if you can get all those in Silchar. Hey, it's not a food blog at all..cooking is one of my passions..that's all..:) Thanks for the comment.

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    1. Thank you..:). I don't know why, your comment was in the spam. This is the first time it happened.

  6. Not fair, send it to me. I'll taste and then comment...

    1. haha..Saru, if you were in the bay area, I would have send it for sure..:)

    2. I know I know it's an excuse...


  7. A wonderful recipe. And the end product looks ravishingly delicious. And a cute little story behind it too. As someone who loves to cook and try out new recipes, I am going to try this one right away.

    P.S: In between all this, you even remembered Umashankar’s photography tip. :)

    1. Sure Raj. You should and let me know how it comes out..okay? If you don't have any of the ingredients, just replace something of your own creatively...:P
      hehe..I know..I was parallely multi tasking idli batter, dosa batter in the grinder, instructing the grocery list to hubby over the phone and then UmaShankar's tips kept me nervous to take better pics...LOL

  8. I love cooking too, and innovation is my middle name :). Enjoyed your step-by-step instructions :)>

    1. Thank you Rachna..would love to see some of your recipes too..:)

    2. Some are on the blog. And, I do regular Guest Posts on recipes!

    3. How do I search for them? Do you have any labels for easy search?

  9. Hi FiF

    Looks yum yum yummy:)

    I have tagged you in my post ...Check outhttp://jaishwrites.blogspot.sg/2012/07/i-got-taggedmy-answers-and-qns.html


  10. The pictures make the dish so enticing and appealing....esp pic no 7. Yumm.

    1. Thank you so much Alka. It did come out good..:)