March 6, 2012


I have been seeing this book in every other person's hand for the past one and a half year.I could not control my anxiety until I reached home and read the reviews on it. No wonder so many people are reading it. Now, how do I get that book? I have searched online and of no use. I called my local library and can you guess what she said???
There were 400 something people on the wait list for a total of 178 copies. Yes, OMG is what I thought. I lost hopes on reading it for the next few months. I was expressing my despair of reading it in the near future to a friend of mine at work. There comes this surprise that evening in the form of a text message to check my email. Thank you Robert for a wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.
The above stats were a few months old. I called them right now and the wait list has reduced considerably, however there are still a 100 people waiting. 
Bottom line, it’s a page turner for sure and decided to read “To Kill A Mocking Bird” on finishing this one.
Have a great time reading my friends. Enjoy!!!


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