July 26, 2012

I got tagged!

                Every blogger must be knowing what this tagging is by now. And I felt ecstatic when I got tagged. However, I am not following all the rules and not tagging anyone else as I myself am pretty new to the blog world and don't know many new bloggers out there.  So, here are my answers for Questions from Jaish. I don't know if the answers need to be short and precise, Er! I have essays instead.

1. Is there any specific time of the day that you set aside for blogging?
There is no specific time, but mostly I do it after coming home from work. Now, that I got a smart phone couple of days back, I am on it round the clock..:P
2. Do you live to eat or eat to live? :)
Eat to Live
3.Name some movies you would never mind watching again and again?
Nothing I can remember on top of my head. But any comedy movies, I can watch again and again.
4.Which is the best place you have been to on vacation?
I like travelling and visiting new places. so, can't pick one..:) However, the initial days after marriage and the places we toured in and around Pune are always special to me. Last year, we have been to Canada to visit my SIL's family. We went on a drive from Toronto to the African Lion Safari and that drive through the woods and homes was one amazing experience.
5.If you are given an option of eradicating any social evil in india which one would you pick and why?
Illiteracy. I believe if people are educated, then their perspective of life changes altogether.They can aim high and try towards achieving that. How to find a job, how to have better living, how to come out of poverty.If education is there, all the other evils could be curbed slowly.
6.Name one bad habit you have been trying to change?
Oh Jaish, there are so many and it’s hard to single one out. The others will feel bad..:)
Umm..to pick one, Talk Less and Listen More.
7.whats your fav cuisine and food items?
I thought I am a person who eats to live, right? Haha..
Tough question, girl. Let me be partial here. Indian is the best in the world. Fish pulusu by my mom is my all time favourite. Hmm..I started on vegetarian from this March, so it’s hard to find a fav dish..:( Other cuisines, I like Chinese, Thai, Mexican..I just can’t eat Sushi or any uncooked nicely decorated stuff.
8.Share something which a small kid said to you, the memory of which always brings a smile to ur face?
You know, I had been thinking about an answer for this from the day you tagged me, couldn’t find one. But I have dozens of things my kids say which bring million smiles on my face any day. Here is one of them. My MIL and me were having a small discussion (not a fight but an argumentative one) on the way she cooked a particular curry. So, my husband who didn’t know the complete scenario intruded asking, “What happened? What’s the matter?” To everyone’s astonishment, (rather my delight..:P) my son who was 7 yrs old then, said, “Daddy, it’s none of your business”. Thatwas a proud moment for me as I felt my son stood up for me. :P
9.what was the scariest exp you had in life so far?
There are two. One is when my daughter was born and I later learnt what I had undergone.
The other was when we were on our way back home from Los Angeles and got stuck in traffic and snow on the mountains and had no other go to even take a diversion at midnight. When we saw the vehicle in front of us, one tire was wheeling/spinning and the other was normal. 11 vehicles skidded and tumbled on the other side of the road. It was one scary hell of a night. I think the second one was the worst because, in the first one I was unconscious..:) Snowing in LA? Yes, it was on the 2nd of Jan, 2011.
10. when you are extremenly confused about some decision what do you do
Umm..Jaish, do you really have to ask me this? As such, I am the most confused person on this earth. And again extremity in this! Ok well, I talk to my friends (who are more clear headed than me), hubby, mom, family, take all of their opinions and decide which one is best. If none of that works, I just go by my instinct.
11.which is your most fav genre in blogging?
Personal blogs. Short stories, poetry. The kind I am into right now and the ones I am following. I thoroughly enjoy them.


  1. Nice to know more about you.The answers were natural with no affectation.

    1. Thank you so much. That reminds me to remain the as the person I am.

  2. :) good replies , loved all the answers. and that snow fall drama was scary ..

    I say so because once you daughter was born and you came out , it was happy happy moment i beleive :)


    1. Glad you liked them. Thank you. Yes, you are right. But I have seen her the next day afternoon though. She's a precious little darling...:)

  3. Hi FIF

    Lovely answers....Thanks for taking the tag...Thats one really scary incident...And the Canada trip sounds interesting :)

    1. First of all, thank you so much Jaish for tagging me and making the world know a little bit more about me. It was fun and tricky to answer all those questions...:)

  4. WOW Awesome answers loved them all, yeah the scary things u mentioned good u came out of all of them successfully, ROFL on the mil incident (evil grinning me lol)
    And yeah this tagging is so much fun I got to know more about you... :Dkeep smiling and pls dont talk lessssssssss ;)

    1. Many thanks to you Ramya for loving the answers. Oh, my son says many things like that without knowledge. I think he is impulsive like me..sure, I will keep smiling and the talking habit, I can never overcome it..:)

    2. Read the Kids corner label when you are absolutely bored. I have couple of posts about my kids..you may like them..:)

    3. Hurry :D sure will read them :D I never wait to be bored to read such nice things :D

  5. It was nice to have a peep into the valleys of your mind. Guess I should thank Jaish for it!

    1. Thanks a bunch Umashankar, for taking your valuable time in reading the post. Sure, you should thank Jaish..:)

  6. hahaha, this is fun, right? you have been tagged :D!! even i love these fun activities; awards, tags and blah. may be, even i will write one award or tag post. i have quite a few pending.

    great to know so many things about you!!!!!! keep rocking hahahaha!!

    1. Deb, and the award you create should be named as "The most demanding blogger". Lol....thanks for the comment..now, who doesn't like comments? ;) sure dear, I will keep rocking!!

  7. Such nice answers, Latha! The scary experiences were really scary!