February 13, 2017

Thank you my Valentine!

He's not the one to buy Chocolates and Roses
But would fill up the gas on a cold winter evening
He's not the one to surprise 
with moonlight dinners or candle lit whispers
He lets me have my evenings 
my gossips with girlfriends
If I am a sucker for surprises, he tags along
Wonders he does on the least expected days
 Cleans the dishes and ponder I do, 
"Could there be a better day than this?"
He never gets a Birthday Card or cake
I learned over the years to care less
And he when I self spurge
Not that he's perfect, Not that I am
We have our own quirks
I love books, perfumes, shoes and everything colorful
and the new found passion for Mallu movies
He's a simple soul who's happy 
with his sports and Clicking pics
He drives me up the wall, I drive him nuts
Yet we manage to get it out, on our evening walks
He's not on my Facebook, neither me on his
We love our own space
The kids do despise, for we are on the same pace
when it comes to them of course
So, would I say, I love you my Valentine?
No, I would thank you though
for being reticent when I look at you for an yes or no
for listening to my sleep deprived stories
each and every morning
Rather pretend that you do
for letting my crazy self be as crazy as I am.
Here's a Happy Valentine's to you and me
Friends ask me at times, "Are you happy?"
and I reply: "Could be better, could be Worse"

P.S: We are not the couple who would murmur sweet nothings and I love yous. We are either too shy or too old to say it any more.
Image Courtesy: Upstore.me


  1. Reads familiar :) But that is how real life couples are!

  2. Beautiful reality

  3. Oh yes! Just like real love couples.

    1. Hahaha....donno the love part but trying to make it work :) Arey, donno why your comment went to spam....aisa kabhi nahi huya...weird

  4. My story too. But so beautifully penned.

    1. Thank you, Alka :) I think many Indian men are like that :)

  5. lovely...that sounds so believable :D

    1. Glad you believed me...hehee..Thank you, Vibha :)

  6. These little things count as well. We are like you folks...nothing too extravagant on the so-called special days!

    1. Yes, Alok. They do count a lot than the small gifts we females expect once in a while. These little things makes our day to day life easier and smooth sailing. So, there are many folks like us :)

  7. Many a story penned in these lines. Resonates with a lot of couples. written so well

  8. Straight from the heart and beautiful

  9. I prefer a man like him than someone who says I love you and does nothing.

    1. Haaa...woh tho sahi hai...May be I would have fallen for it if I was still in my 20s, but not any longer. Thoda tho kaam karna hai :)