February 23, 2021

Ten on Tuesday! - Moving to Texas?

This is a long over due post which didn't carry much importance and hence fell through the cracks. However, the weather past week has reignited few thoughts that were not paid attention for.

The past decade has seen a surge in people moving to Texas from all over the U.S. Like hundreds of families who couldn't afford to buy a home in California, we also made the call and relocated to Texas around 7 something years back. Back then the only thing friends told us is Texas doesn't have State tax and house prices are low. We did our math in terms of pay cuts and still moved for a better quality of life. However, there are few things that you discover only after moving here and which no really bothers to inform:

  1. There is no state tax but you pay Toll on almost every highway you get onto. I paid $5 (the least) per day for Toll for almost 5 years.
  2. If you worked in the East or the West Coasts and find a job in Texas, then be ready for a huge pay cut. If you are relocating holding a job in your respective coasts, then it's a jackpot 😉
  3. Property tax is double than what you pay in East or West Coasts
  4. Buying a house doesn't amount to only paying the Mortgage plus Tax plus Insurance. (This pointer is for first time home buyers). There are many additional costs to it. Changing your AC filters every 3 months. Paying for your lawn mowing twice a month, paying the cleaners every month.
  5. Texas weather is not something you can predict. Your day will start in Spring, midday is  Summer and evening a Fall. The trees are either Green or Brown. There is no other color in between.
  6. There is also a risk of Hurricanes, Hail storms occasionally. We are not equipped to handle the extreme Winter Storms that passed by us last week. When it rains, it pours and it suits Texas well 😀
  7. There are very limited outdoor activities for kids or sightseeing. The nearest is Austin which is a 3 hour drive.
  8. One thing to not get disappointed is the number of Indian restaurants and Indian stores. I have around 8 or more Indian stores within 5 miles of my house. Indian Restaurants, I lost count. Either I am living in a hub or Dallas is crowded that way, I donno 😏
  9. Public Schools are well funded and college tuition is much cheaper.
  10. Despite all this, people are still moving here for the affordability of houses which are not as affordable anymore.

Having said all of this, I have no regrets moving here. I made great friends, worked at one of the best companies in the country and made life lasting memories. Dallas also made us closer to family due to it's proximity. Above all, I have a small lawn and I can grow my own veggies or mess with it the way I want 😊

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