August 2, 2021

Richard Collins!

Richard Collins! The skinny guy. My very first vendor. My teammate. Later my lead, my colleague, boss, a friend, and much more. Rich, your sudden demise has surfaced all the forgotten moments. I know we haven't spoken in many years and we have parted ways, not in the most amicable way...but we haven't had any grudges either. I want to say so many things, so many memories...I want to write them all before I forget...

You gave me my first job, a job after a break, a job after the recession. Every time my project ended, you said you would call me back and I would happily relax. When you did not call back and I started to look for a job, you would call out of nowhere. You even gave a job to Sarath so that we could stay together. You trusted us!

I still remember the day you showed us your bank balance. I bet no one in my phone book would do that. No one. You and Red Bull..Ah!! always..always..I would joke with Sarath that I am going to buy you a carton of Red Bull for Christmas. Do you remember I asked you once, how many khaki pants and black shirts do you have? And you sincerely answered in your husky voice. How dumb was I back then? or maybe you laughed at my naiveness!

Rich was the first American guest to dine in our home and maybe the last one too to date. 7 Deadly Zins! Every time I see that wine, it reminds me of you and Christi. That night when Hayden had a sleepover with my son. 

Many people despised you at work for different reasons. But I always had a soft corner for you. Even when my payments were delayed by months...I would feel as if I were your pet and the most loyal servant as I knew you for the longest time than the whole gang. 

Your impatience and restlessness drove us nuts. We ground our teeth and rolled our eyes to leave us alone to complete the task. I don't think I have seen anyone cuss as much as you did at any workplace or won't find one in my lifetime. I think I picked it up from yaa...CAISO, EDD, DIR, DMV, BCBS...I think I wouldn't have worked with anyone else if we did not leave CA. We always thought Rich would give us jobs if we go back. 

One funny thing you said, Indian food and Italian food taste best the next day :) I remember it hundreds of times whenever there is leftover pizza. 

I don't want to put your shortcomings in this post; as I want to keep them with me, with Richard. There were dozens of times over the years when we thought, if only you did this...or you did things would have been different. But they say, it's all karma. You have seen it all our friend....the good, the bad, the ugly.....the riches.....the rags...and you left the world before you could rise again like a phoenix.

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  1. A good and glowing tribute to Mr Collins
    I read also the interesting post on Dallas very nicely written