March 9, 2012


Last weekend was pretty much a movie weekend for me. It’s been ages I got a chance to watch a movie each night. My husband was out at a guy’s party celebrating someone’s Visa stamping. So, I put this movie called ‘Dharm’ on Netflix. Both my kids who were playing slowly joined me. FYI, the older one is a boy of almost 9 and the younger one a little tigress of almost 3 years old.
            I wasn't sure if I should let them watch it or not. I myself don’t know what kind of a movie it is. So, I just let them sit with me. As usual, my son started his rapid fire round and got that annoying/frustrating/irritating (feel free to use your entire vocabulary) look from me and kept quiet. It went on for a while.
            There comes this scene, where a foreigner who hangs out with the priest’s family takes pictures of a young woman who belongs to a highly orthodox family. The brother of that girl comes to know about it and beats up this guy.
            My son who is watching the entire episode and got deeply involved, passes a comment: “ Mom, if my sister likes somebody, I would just let her go”. ( I stepped into the kitchen to grab something). I was I don’t know what? Surprised? Shocked? Silent? Bewildered?  not knowing what to say or how to react for his statement. (Btw, he adds except if she does any gross things). So, I let it go.
The brother then holds his wife’s neck yelling at her. A distressed soul who is already disturbed fidgets in his sofa seat and says : “Why can’t she hang out somewhere where no one is there?”( whoaa…uhho, she didn’t knew she would be caught baby was my feeling)
He was so gripped in the scene; he was clenching his palms tightly, turns towards me and blurts out: “Amma, they could do that thing right? Lechipovatam? (Poor boy doesn’t know the word elopement yet!!). I realize it’s time to react mommy. So, here comes moral of the story. Mommy says : “No, you can’t do such things without telling the parents. That’s not okay to do. (As if it’s okay to run away letting the parents know). Ughhh!!!
Oh wait, the sparks are not yet over. My daughter asks for some water to drink and the mom assigns the duty to the big brother who gets up restlessly, fills in a glass water and start drinking himself. (The little one in the background….my no drink my watha..). He gulps the entire glass leaving some at the bottom and brings it to her. I shout, “Hey, not like that..drink completely and refill for her”. Mr. Brainwave replies” Oh, you mean the Brahmin way?”.

I know many of us face such incidents in our day to day life and parents keep getting such shock treatments often. Just remember, what you give, comes back!!!
P.S: Couldn't get the right word for the title in English. For my English readers, tapasulu means crackers.


  1. No, you can’t do such things without telling the parents>> superrrr ;)))

    my watha..wathaa..>>
    hahahha enjoyed from the beginning to end ;)

  2. he sure is a smart one :)
    the way a child's mind thinks is a revelation always

  3. @Sujatha..Donno how smart he is gonna become..but right now, he is the one who gets into trouble all the time :)

  4. :) What can I say I just ROFLed on his questions awesome :D keep recording them

    1. Lol....before replying you, I myself re-read the post and can't help smiling..:). Sure, I will record them.:)