March 29, 2017

Ammusings - 6!!

Our little Ammu is growing and will be turning 8 in a couple of weeks. I see her losing her innocence slowly as we gradually inch towards more conversations than observations. Not sure if I will be doing a conversation series but here are a few musings before the innocence completely goes away. :)

This was almost a couple of years back. We were driving and I point to her:
 "Ammu, this is Sunflower"
"Yes, they turn in the direction of the Sun."
"Amma, they are dancing! That is their exercise Amma"
and she giggles
I giggle too :)

As soon as I reach home, Ammu was ready to be dropped at a class. I gave few instructions to S to complete pending tasks. She heard me muttering to many things to do..
Then she says: "Yes Amma because you are a mom"
Me: Ya
A: Amma, I think if you are in ammamma's tummy and if you are a baby; maybe you will think, I want to be a boy.
Me: Why do you think I would think like that?
She goes on to recite the exhaustive list of chores I manage to do in a day right from packing lunches in the morning to cleaning up the kitchen at night. If you are a boy, you don't have to do all of this stuff.
I sigh!
A: I don't want to be a girl
Me: Why?
A: Because when I grow up, I have to become a mother and then I have to do lots of work like you.
Me: Ummm...I distracted her and changed the topic for a later discussion.
Only if we had a chance to do that? 😊

We both sit at the main entrance to enjoy the warmth of the evening sun. (Read as Heat 😉). 
Me: "Ammu, Did you know your friend xxxxx has her dinner by 6.30 PM?"
Ammu in her cockiest voice: "What kind of dinner is that? at 6.30 PM? 
And then she sleeps at 7:00 PM?" (Not sure if it was mockery)
Me: "Maybe"
A: "So, she sleeps for 12 hours?"
Me: "I think so.."
(The cockiness continues...)
A:"But I don't want to do that. Because...(pauses) I want to be free (She meant play time)
Amma, This is not a Prison.This is Freedom"....giggles
I look at her. She smiles and says, nobody can be the boss. Stretches her arms wide and repeats..."this is Freedom."
I roll my eyes and see where this is going. 😊
Ammu on the last day of school: "Amma, I will miss all my BFFS"
S asks her, what is a BFF?
Nanna, "you don't know a BFF?
It's best friend forever..I also know what is LOL"
S: and what is that?
Ammu: "laugh out loud. I made up a new one"
S: what is that?
Ammu: "SBB"
Me: "What is SBB? I never heard of that"
Ammu: "Yeah, because I made it.
Stop being bossy!"
It was our turn to LOL.....


  1. You are right! Enjoy the innocent pronouncements and statements till she becomes a pre-teen. And then she will be LOL with your naivete!

    1. You know, she already LOL for my naivete. They are coming up in future :) How soon they grow up, BM!

  2. SBB was super smart and cute ha ha

    1. I know, right. She comes up with one every other day now a days.

  3. Yes,the change is remarkable.Quite a girl!!!!!

    1. Yes, Indu ji..Her conversations are totally different now. She speaks about religion and other stuff. :)

  4. Kids make the deepest observations that make you sit up and think.

    And Ammusings is an adorable title.

    1. Yes, they do and she does observe a lot. She thinks a lot too and gives me enough fodder for the brain.. :) Aww. Thank you. That reminded me of your blog title now.

  5. haha she is smart. SBB is a good one :) must make it popular :)

    1. Hahah...she uses it often now making it self popular :D

  6. Out of the mouths of babes.....ohhh they grow up too fast!

    1. Yes, they do, Marcia :) She's already 8 and will be 18 in no time :(

  7. Your lil one (soon to be not so lil one :P) is soo cute and very smart too. Loved the little ammusings… Enjoy the innocence and keep writing about these fun conversations. :)

    1. Thank you, Raj. For always reading and encouraging. :) How's ms. Maya doing? I am sure you'll be writing about her musings in no time. They grow up too fast.

  8. I need to do such exercises toooo :) I am getting fatter and fatter
    and yes please SBB .. :) kids they grow too fast ..

    god bless :)

    HOW ARE YOU DOINGgggggggggggggggggg


    1. Hahah.....yes, they do. She's already started giving us trouble with her tantrums :) Thank you for the blessings and am doing alright. Will email. Thank you!