March 8, 2018

Women's day???

One woman 
lets another down
One judges the other
for being black, brown 
fat and thin

One is ignorant
One is innocent
let her be it

One is careless
One is carefree
One is careful
we are all not the same

One gossiping about the other
for not working or
for overworking
let her make the choices

One is scorned upon
for speaking up
one for being silent

One drinks, one dances
One dresses up, one doesn't
each to her own

One fights, One gives in
each has a battle
going on

When are we going to be ONE?
Stand up for ourselves?
Stand up for each other?

Until then, 
What's a Happy women's day?? My foot!

It's all nothing but a
big bag of bullshit!


  1. Wow! That was explosive!! Awesome!

    1. Thank you :) somehow, I felt it's meaningless celebrating..not sure if it's the age as well :)

  2. Not just women but if we humans support each other then surely Incredible things will happen ..

    Good one :)

    1. you are so right, Bikram Bhai..:) Good to see your here after a long time :)