January 16, 2014

A Woman with an enlarged heart!!!

She was thirty four,
When she became a grandmother
as old as I am today

She folded her black long plait
into a bun
as a symbol
for new found promotion

I was her solace
for years to come
from the indifferent husband
and growing daughters and son

Her muscled arm
becomes my abode
And her white fleshy belly
my nest to rest

I would wrap my legs
around her whole body

I grew from two to twenty two
And still clung to her soft belly
with a hand on her chest
and she would say
I can't bear it anymore
your hand is too heavy

She slept in my bed
re-telling tales
of sleepless nights,
of hidden secrets
in deep crevices
of her enlarged heart!

To this day, Jayamamma;
I still keep getting dreams
of you;
When I see my little daughter
cleaning after everyone
picking up things on her way
a spitting image of your persona

You remind me
for that glass of water
before each meal of the day
when I lazily slouch
legs stretched on coffee table
on Sunday mornings

I knew you were partial
to this first grand child
for her chirpy words
and fairer tone
Yet, I craved
for that biased love

I thought I had you all
for myself
until the day I parted;
Little did I know
I would not come to see you
for that one last time ever!


  1. This was a beautiful Ode to the lovely woman that she is!!

    1. Thank you, Red. Yes, she was a lovely woman who had a lot to say..

  2. It is indeed a touching, and a beautifully written poem for the person who still lives inside you.

    1. You have said it so rightly, Rama. She still lives inside me. I remember her more than I ever thought I would.

  3. Such a wonderful tribute Latha. She would have been so proud of you

    1. Thank you so much dear, I think she must be watching from above :)

  4. How sweet is that. She looks lovely. I hope she is reading this and sending her blessings.

    1. Yes, Alka. She was a very pretty woman. May be I felt so :) I assume she is seeing you all read it and comment too :) Thanks for reading dear!!

  5. This is such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother, Latha! She's be proud of you, wherever she is!

    1. She would have been proud that I am in the U.S, have a job and driving my car :). I miss having her despite having all this...thank you my friend..

  6. Very touching FIF... beautifully written

  7. A beautiful and touching tribute, Latha! Am sure her blessings would stay with you!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Rahul sir! I am sure she is blessing me well too :)

  8. You have expressed yourself so nicely....such is life that we are torn away from those who mean a lot to us.

    1. True aunty. I really wished she lived few more years..I would have brought her here and she would have been so so happy. She died very young.

  9. What a lovely, heartfelt tribute, Latha. You know a see a resemblance with her in your face.

    1. you do see? may be :) I don't know really. Thank you for the sweet words dear.

  10. This is such a beautiful gift that you have given your Grandmom, thank you for sharing it with us. And your grandmom was a very beautiful woman

    1. Thank you for reading Menachery and welcome to this space...hope to see you often :)

  11. True. and my grandmom always was on my side :) Actually, she raised me....I grew up in her home for the first decade of my life..thank you Ashwini.

  12. You've similar features like her..ఇలాంటివి చదివినప్పుడు మాటలు కరువవుతాయండీ..చాలా బాగా రాశారు లతా జీ ..

  13. This made me long for my own grandmother, Latha. I was not the first-born but her first granddaughter. A lovely, lovely tribute!

  14. Such a beautiful tribute to her!! Loved it!

  15. This is so touching. I missed reading your posts somehow. Such heartfelt feelings Latha.

  16. Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman and a wonderful companion. I am seeing her with your eyes <3