July 27, 2016

Ammusings - 5!

Each time I vanish and pop-up after a few months; I notice that I come up with a post of Ammusings as one of them will always be lying in my drafts. Here's one more for you and me:

Ammu: "Amma, I really don't care about American Presidents!"
Me: Why?
Ammu: "Because I am not an American..
I am an Indian"
Me: So, who is the Indian president?
A: Obama
Me: hehehe...no .....he is the American President
A: "Then who is the Indian president?"
Me: Pranab Mukherjee
A: Moh- kah-who?
Me: Pranab Mukherjee
A: What's his first name?
Me: Pranab
A: Para..What is the last name?
Me: After a good 5 minutes of trying to say the name right
A: Abraham Lincoln lives on a Penny!!
It took me a few seconds to understand that
And George Bush lives on a Quarter!

Ammu: "Amma, the girl's bathroom in the school smells nasty, yucky and horrible!"

Me: "Why do you think so?"
A: "Because you know kids don't flush properly"
Me: Ohh!!
A: "You know if you crack an egg...and the yolk comes out?"
Me: Hmm
A:"Like take another egg and crack it and there are three eggs with yolks open"
Me: Ewww
A: And you know it smells as if it stayed there for 58 years!
Me: 58 yrs???? OMG
Don't know where that number came from...sigh!!

One evening while her dad was doing his stretches:

Ammu: "Nanna, did you know what?"
S: "What?"
A: People are symmetrical
    Becuase they have sides
    Separates her legs and touches her left leg and right leg
    See.... look at my nose
    There are two sides!!

Ammu started collecting money for Jump Rope for Heart Event. When I asked her to give her contribution; she said she would do it at the end.
She adds one dollar at the end to the list of names
Me: "How come you donated only one dollar?"
Ammu in her nonchalant way: "Because I don't want to waste my money"
Me: Seriously???

While practicing music, Ammu suddenly waves off her head and says this thing makes me mad.
Me: "What thing?"
Ammu: "There are these two boys who told me: hey girl, do you know how a booty looks like?"
Me: Surprised and shocked: "they said that? to you?"
Ammu: "Yes, to me! They are big hypocrite boys who are stupid!"
Me: "What is hypocrite?" (She hears her brother use it often )
She actually doesn't know the meaning but wanted to use it for the complexity of the word and thinks that is a really bad, bad, bad cuss word.
Me: Next time if they say that, tell them: "Go ask your mommy and she will show you what a booty looks like..." (I was really mad)
After a few days...
Ammu: I saw them again...I wanted to smack their head with something!
Glad you didn't!!


  1. Replies
    1. Aww..thank you, Aunty...hope all is well with you :)

  2. Cute :) I remember when I was a kid R.Venkatraman was president and one of my classmates referred to him as Vendekkai(okra)raman :D

    1. hahaha...that's funny...Have you heard of Cricketer Venkat Raghavan and someone called him, Rent a wagon :D

  3. hahaha these are such cute musings :D Never a boring day huh :D

  4. So nice to read your post after a long time, Latha!

    1. I know, Rahul sir...want to keep coming back...but everything else is keeping me so occupied :(

  5. hahahah!! I can quite understand that her getting confused about the Indian versus American presidents!

    1. :) Now, it's the Sindhu fever at home...she keeps asking me, so is that great?

  6. hehe She is so cute in the posts. ;-)

  7. He he he he :) god bless the little one ...

    How are you doingggggggggg and everyone in family


    1. thank you...thank you....we all are doing great :) How about you?

  8. ha haa.. that is really hilarious! And extremely cute! :) I can imagine how wild and funny and lovely those conversations will be. :) Do post more of these cute moments.

    1. oh yes, they are...these are the icing on the cake...I know they won't last long..yours will be coming up pretty soon...I am sure :)

    2. And you have disappeared again from writing. ;) Waiting for more.

    3. There are 46 drafts lying there...not one if finishing...what do I do? :(

  9. Haha.. This is hilarious! Your daughter is very cute! My daughter too is 5 years old and is full of questions and observations.. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Priya. Yes, that age they are overloaded with cuteness and less than 5 more years, they drive you up the wall :)

  10. I just want to come and witness all this in person. Amusing and adorable. Love the title of these posts.

    1. You are most welcome anytime, Saru :) Yes, she is amusing at times and only gets cuter and wilder by day :D Thank you.