April 29, 2014

Y for.....

We all worked together. In the same office. She had been working there for more than fifteen years. She welcomed us newbies with a warm smile and shake hand. We slowly became good friends. We would celebrate people's birthdays. We often ate lunches together. Sometimes, we went for happy hour evenings too. 

Most of us were half her age. Younger than her daughters. Yet, she was our friend. One of us teased on her age. She just laughed at it calling us Brats. We all planned outing for a day. We all got dressed up in summer clothes and sandals. We girls gave a scream when we saw her toes. They looked as bright as a teen's. She jumped with us. She ran with us. She laughed with us. Someone leaked the news. She is going to be great grand mother soon. What??? Yes!! Cathy is always YOUNG AT HEART!!


  1. That's so wonderful, to be young at heart and enjoy life :)

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Cathy ..

    it is always good to ge young at heart :)


  3. I love people who are young at heart, they are always lively :)