April 7, 2021

Mom's tangled threads!

My mom was/is a tailor not by passion or choice but to survive. As a tween and an older child, I always kept guard of her at her tailoring shop. In free time or holidays, I would help her by hemming the blouses with my nimble fingers. Many a times, I tried to sort the threads and arrange them. It's quite a boring job to do but a busy mind is never bored, right? For everyone, they may just be a clump of threads but for me......

I tried to untangle them
from age very little
Some cut my hand
some cut themselves
Some curled at the edges
Some were stubborn
unwilling to untangle

I had to cut them
like a baby's umbilical cord
like a barber
like a piece of cloth
like a lawn mover
like a tangled thread

I tried to reason why?
Why women continue
in their valueless marriages
with worthless husbands

I tried to reason why?
she cannot live with him

I tried to understand why?
she cannot live without him

I tried to find the answers
for some of life's
tangled relations

Why do people drift away
Once together
Now apart forever

Why do sisters
become strangers?
Why do best of friends
are not best any more?

I tried to untangle them
like Mom's tangled threads
I keep trying
hoping to find answers
one day.....

My questions lay answered
like my mom's tangled threads!!


  1. If we had answers to all the Why s in life it would have been a lot easier....beautifully written ...my mom was passionate about stitching her own saree blouses....now she has given up due to some physical ailments .... I never learnt it from her....

    1. you are right, Jaish...many times we wonder what and why and move on..thank you for reading. Me neither. Never learnt anything from her. And I used to hate it too as she was always working and never had any holiday and she would catch up on her sleep during holidays. :)

  2. Some questions have no answers. It is best to let them lie there without trying to answer (untangle), for alas, unlike threads which respond to untangling, life's questions often don't. It is best to le them be, trying to sort out any that we can sort and leaving the rest to find their place in the scheme of things. Hugs.

  3. Beautiful lines that touch the heart.Life is cruel and inexplicable in many ways to many.